Swift#8 SiriKit

SiriKit: Handle user requests for your app’s services that originate from Siri or Maps.

We use SiriKit to implement app extensions that integrate your services with Siri and Maps.

SiriKit supports two types of app extensions:

  • An Intents app extension receives user requests from SiriKit and turns them into app-specific actions. For example, the user might ask Siri to send a message, book a ride, or start a workout using your app.
  • An Intents UI app extension displays branding or other customized content in the Siri or Maps interface after your Intents app extension fulfills a user request. Creation of this extension is optional.


  • Not a substitute for a full app only an extension.
  • SiriKit cannot use all app types.
  • Siri requires a consistent Internet connection to work.
  • Siri service needs to communicate Apple Servers.

Source: Apple Documentation


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